See the Health Mob in One Visit

The Fitzroy Valley communities care deeply about their children and young people, and want the best for them. Starting in 2014, children and families who need to see several health professionals can have the opportunity to see them together, instead of having many different appointments. The Paediatric Team, including the Kid Doctor and the Kid Nurse, and the Allied Health Team, including the Indigenous Therapy Assistant, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Physiotherapist, and Psychologist, will be working together at Baya Gawiy Child and Family Centre for one day every month. Kids and families can talk through their problems together with the team, and decide on some simple goals for their child.

Health problems can have a big impact on how kids learn and behave at school, so families will also have the option of inviting someone from the school who they feel comfortable with to be part of the team. Families will get an opportunity to hear how their child is doing at school, and school staff can hear the recommendations that the health team make, and can be part of implementing ideas to help children reach their goals.

If you have worries about your child’s health and development, you can contact the team using the contact details available on the Contact Us page.