Patches / Marulu School Clinics deliver results at Noonkanbah and Bayulu

The multidisciplinary team came together at Baya Gawiy Family and Children’s Centre, Noonkanbah School and Bayulu School for three clinic days between 2nd-4th April 2014.  Allied Health clinicians Kristen, Alison and Chelsea & Indigenous Therapy Assistant Richie from Derby/Fitzroy Valley Health Service; Nurse Practitioner Angela from the Kimberley Paediatric and Child Health Team;20140404_pic_1_Patches_Bayulu_School_Clinic_Sally_Chelsea_Ali_Ritchie_Ruth_Steph_James and Ruth and Dr James from Patches worked closely with families, Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers, and teachers. Our process involves integrating primary health care with specialist services, and placing families and schools in the centre of our team-based service approach. And it is working – we are achieving meaningful results that will help kids in the home and school environment. Remember – healthy kids learn better!