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Anne Hawkins

Clinical Services Manager

Project Manager for the 'FASD National Program'

Perth, WA

Anne Hawkins joined the PATCHES team in 2017 as the Clinical Services Manager for National Programs and Project Manager for the PATCHES lead FASD Diagnostic Services and Models of Care National Consortium. Anne’s professional journey started at the University of Arizona where she completed Master of Science in Genetic Counselling and worked as a paediatric genetic counsellor serving remote and indigenous populations, and providing genetic counselling for a wide range of rare disorders and effects of prenatal exposures including FASD. In 2008, Anne returned to her home state of California to work at the Stanford University Perinatal Diagnostic Center in the agricultural community of Salinas Valley, where she provided prenatal genetic counselling in English and Spanish to migrant families, many of whom were indigenous in their home countries. In 2013, Anne returned to her family roots in Perth. At Genetic Services of Western Australia, Anne established the role of Manager - Clinical Service, spearheaded business development and strategic planning to facilitate the department’s transition to Activity Based Funding, and produced successful business cases to expand and adapt the clinical service to meet significant increases in demand. In 2016, Anne completed the North Metropolitan Health Service Diploma of Leadership and Management, and in then achieved the Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership at the Sir Walter Murdoch University School of Public Policy and International Affairs in 2017. Anne is an Associate Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Service Management and actively pursues professional development and networking opportunities.

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