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Caris Jalla

Therapy Services Coordinator

Lead Coordinator, FASD National Program

Perth, WA

Caris Jalla​ B. Hlth Sc, B. Econ, M. Phil (Hlth Sc)


Caris joined the PATCHES team in 2018 as Therapy Services Coordinator and Clinic Administration and Community Involvement Lead Coordinator for the PATCHES lead FASD Diagnostic Services and Models of Care National Consortium Program. Caris has a background in Health Science and Economics and has worked in the health and disability sectors for over a decade. She has an interest and experience working with Aboriginal communities across WA. In 2016 she completed her Masters entitled ‘Talking about health, wellbeing and disability in children and young people: an Aboriginal perspective’ at Curtin University.

Caris has completed a Certificate in ‘Leadership and Communication’, ‘Project Management’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’ at the Queensland University of Technology. She is on the Board of two disability not-for-profit organisations, one micro-board and the co-founder of a social enterprise. In 2017 she was a
finalist of the Westpac Social Change Fellowship. Caris has a commitment to continue work in the health and disability community in advocacy, community development and regional programs.

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