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Carmela Pestell

Clinical Neuropsychologist, Clinical Psychologist

Perth, WA

Dr Carmela Pestell is a registered Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist and a Fellow of the College of Clinical Neuropsychologists (Australian Psychological Society). As well as a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Dr Pestell has a Master of Clinical Neuropsychology and an additional Master of Clinical Neuropsychology. She has been in part-time private practice as a child and adult neuropsychologist since 2003 working within clinical, medico-legal and forensic contexts. This has included providing consultancy services for ‘PATCHES Paediatrics’ participating in multi-disciplinary FASD assessment clinics in North West locations in WA and NT, as well as metropolitan and remote justice system and child protection services clinics. She has also been the Director of the Robin Winkler Clinic at the University of WA (School of Psychological Science) since 2013. Dr Pestell’s clinical expertise in relation to FASD is increasingly being recognised, and she contributed to the Australian FASD Diagnostic Guidelines and is an invited Ambassador for NoFASD Australia. She is an Honorary Research Associate with the Telethon Kids Institute as well as Curtin University. She is a member of the Australian National Clinical FASD Network. Her current role at UWA includes coordinating a successful neuropsychology and clinical psychology community clinic which offer assessments and a range of therapy programmes. In addition to post-graduate teaching and clinical supervision, she is actively involved in research related to FASD, ADHD, brain injury and concussion; and is currently overseeing a new Graduate Certificate in FASD Diagnosis at UWA.

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