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Chris Briody

Exercise Physiologist & Kimberley Pilbara Clinical Services Manager

Port Hedland, WA

Chris Briody is an Accredited Clinical Exercise Physiologist. Chris has dual Bachelors and Master degrees and has been practicing clinically for 8 years where he has worked in Queensland Health, non-for-profit organizations, occupational rehabilitation and private practice. Chris worked in a joint project with Education Queensland and the Australian Sports Commission to deliver therapy to primary school children with disabilities. Chris has worked for a Youth Detention Centre, where he was a programs officer where he rehabilitated young men (95% Indigenous) with the assistance of Education Queensland through recreational activities which include working with a multi-disciplinary team in therapeutic programs. Key Achievements included: drug and alcohol intervention strategies, men’s health, self-esteem and parenting programs. Chris has also worked at children’s summer camps in America where he saw first hand one of his favourite quotes put into practice daily – Play is the highest form of research “Albert Einstein”.

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