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Claire Thistleton

Speech Pathologist

Broome, WA

Claire Thistleton graduated from Charles Sturt University (Albury) in 2016 with a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Speech Pathology). She has additional training in neonatal/paediatric feeding, Voicecraft, and Indigenous health and cultural awareness, where she has worked extensively with remote Indigenous communities. Claire has been a speech pathologist with WA government services, working in the East Kimberley, since 2017. She has managed a caseload including early intervention, school-aged children and disability clients of all ages in remote communities throughout the East Kimberley. She worked within a multidisciplinary team to assess and establish appropriate family-centred goals for her clients and provide therapeutic programs.

Key achievements have included co-developing and producing a radio ad on 6DBY which encouraged Aboriginal communities to understand the importance of helping children develop their language skills by engaging in early learning playgroups, and professional development education sessions on early language intervention, transitioning from daycare to school, and oral language in the classroom. Claire is committed to delivering quality speech pathology services to rural and remote areas. She is passionate about working with paediatric clients and their families to ensure that they have access to speech pathology services and that all of the individual needs of her clients are met.

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