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Heather Gale-MacLaren

Occupational Therapist


Heather Gale-MacLaren is an OT with over twenty years’ professional experience in a range of public and non-government roles in WA and holds Bachelor and Master degrees. Her previous roles included hospital OT work and clinical research, university tutoring, private practice and enabling telehealth services in regional WA. In 2009, Heather received the OT Australia WA “OT Entrepreneur of the Year” award for her work in promoting and benefiting the OT profession especially rural therapists through telemedicine.

Heather strives to be person-centered and believes a holistic understanding of the impact of illness and disability for individuals and their supports, is essential in her practice. With the benefit of life experience as well as diverse clinical opportunities, Heather understands the importance of equity of care and access and is committed to helping people to ‘be the best you’.

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