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Janelle Clifton

Occupational Therapist

Perth, WA

Janelle Clifton has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy and has worked as a paediatric occupational therapist for over 15 years. Janelle is experienced in the assessment and treatment of children with physical, sensory and cognitive issues. Using a family-centered approach, she has assisted many children to overcome challenges in participating in self care, play and school work. She has worked in the WA Country Health Service (WACHS), with the Telethon Kids Institute and as a private practitioner. While at WACHS - Pilbara, Janelle worked as the Senior OT and was responsible for the OT Department services to children and adults with a range of intellectual and physical disabilities. She has worked extensively with children with a variety of diagnoses and disabilities. She has also received training in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder assessment at WACHS and, later while working for the Telethon Kids Institute, she received specific training in The Alert Program for Self Regulation ® .

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