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Juhi Sanghavi

Neuropsychology Registrar

Perth, WA

Juhi has completed her Masters in Clinical Neuropsychology at Macquarie University and completed her Bachelors and Honours in Psychology at the University of Western Australia.

Juhi previously worked at a private practice in Canberra, assessing children with Autism, ADHD and Learning Disorders. During her Masters, Juhi received training and experience in a private clinic and three of the major hospitals in Sydney. During this time Juhi worked therapeutically with a variety of clients/patients ranging from stroke, dementia, traumatic brain injury, depression, ASD and ADHD.

Juhi has a special interest in rehabilitation. She finds working with clients over a long-term basis to meet goals and improve daily functioning to be both an essential component of treatment and a rewarding experience. Additionally, Juhi enjoys working with children and their families to create an environment for improvement and growth.

Juhi is currently undertaking the Clinical Registrar program, working towards becoming registered as a Clinical Neuropsychologist.

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