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Liam Gately

Provisional Psychologist

Broome, WA

Liam Gately Graduated Murdoch university with a Master’s in Psychology (Professional), where he worked with children with a range of mental health problems including: anxiety, depression, anger management and social and interpersonal problems.

Liam has experience working with children with Autism, Intellectual Disability, FASD, and substance use. Liam has had additional training in FASD, the ALERT Program to teach children emotion regulation, and the Carer Support Program, aimed at assisting and supporting carers of children with disabilities. Liam has experience with numerous assessment tools, including Cognitive Assessments and ADHD.

Liam is primarily a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist with experience in Mindfulness techniques and family/interpersonal therapy. Liam aims to provide a holistic approach by bringing together all facets of a client’s life including family, school, vocational care and other support services to gain a shared understanding of a child’s behaviour and provide consistency among all environments to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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