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Rosalind Garside

South Pilbara Team Leader & Occupational Therapist,

Western Australia

Rosalind is a Registered Occupational Therapist, who graduated from WAIT (now Curtin
University) in 1984. She has worked almost continuously since then, in both the public and
private systems, taking breaks for her two (now adult) children.

She has many years’ experience in Community Health and Child Development, having
worked in both the public and private systems. She has mostly worked in the wider Perth
metropolitan area, but also for a period in Karratha in the early 90’s. Her experience covers
working with developmental delays, sensory processing challenges, Autism, self-care issues, coordination and handwriting difficulties; This has included providing services in the clinic setting as well as in homes and schools, as well as supporting families with the NDIS.

She has also planned and presented workshops for parents, teachers and colleagues. With
other Allied Health staff, she has run programs for children with eating problems, including hands on experiences with food. She enjoys working with a family centred approach and in a multidisciplinary team to best support children and their families

Rosalind particularly values the opportunity to support children and their families in the
process of working through their challenges - developing their skills and putting into
practice strategies to improve daily life for the child and carers.

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