PATCHES delivers high quality child development, disability and early intervention services. By improving a young person's health and developmental outcomes, we increase their chances of achieving a higher level of education, a greater degree of participation, and set them up for success later in life.

    Dr James Fitzpatrick
    Dr James Fitzpatrick - Paediatrician James was the 2001 Young Australian of the Year and is the Director of PATCHES Paediatrics, a member of the Australian National Advisory Council on Alcohol and Drugs, and inaugural Chair of the Australian FASD Clinical Network. His PhD on FASD prevalence in...
    Therapy Team
    Kate Haliczenko is an Occupational Therapist who graduated from Curtin University in 2007. In 2017, Kate received her accreditation to see clients under a Mental Health Care plan for counselling and mental health focused occupational therapy. The majority of Kate’s career has encompassed...
    Therapy Team
    Edwina is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist and member of Speech Pathology Australia. She grew up in rural NSW and is passionate about bringing quality services to people living in under-serviced areas. Edwina has worked with both adults and children in community health and disability...
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