• Therapy Services

    Therapy Services include individual, group, telehealth sessions as well as professional development.
    How can we help?

    PATCHES Therapy Services:

    • Physiotherapy
    • Psychology and counselling
    • Exercise Physiology
    • Dietetics
    • Speech Pathology
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Teacher and Therapy Assistants
    • Support Coordination 
    • Plan Management
    • Carer Support Program
    • The Alert Program ®
    • Circle of Security
    • More than Words
    • Positive Behaviour Therapy 

    Our Clinicians have experience with:

    • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Intellectual Disability
    • Global Development Delay and
    • many other diagnoses.

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    PATCHES has teams in Perth, Hedland, Karratha, Broome, Derby and beyond...

    Here our some of our friendly Broome team - Katie, Vicki, Cobber and David (above). Exercise Physiologist, Chris having fun with one of his clients (below).

    Our outreach therapy services in the Kimberley are generously funded by Rural Health West. Mental health clinicians, David and Cobber, have traveled from Broome to Derby, Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek and Kununura.

    Alert Program®

    The Alert Program ® for young children is a positive
    behaviour therapy program designed for children, families and educators. The program teaches about a child’s alertness levels and provides strategies to help keep a child’s internal engine (alertness) running just right.


    The program focuses on improving a child’s executive functioning and ability to self-regulate through helping a child understand how their own internal engine runs.

    • How does your child’s engine run?
    • Does it run in high gear, low gear or just the right gear?

    Our engine levels go up and down throughout the day, which can make it hard to pay attention, learn and play and do the things we like to do.

    Carer Support Program

    The PATCHES Carer Support Program is designed to help families, carers and educators working closely with children and adolescents who demonstrate challenging behaviours, to better understand their behaviours and how these behaviours impact those around them.

    The program is practical by design and highly informative. It helps individuals learn to cope with their feelings and experiences when caring and supporting a child or adolescent who demonstrates problematic behaviours, either within the home, the classroom or the playground. Carer Support goes beyond standard behaviour management strategies and concentrates on improving caregiving systems through knowledge-based strategies that almost anyone can adopt.

    PATCHES Training & PD

    PATCHES Positive Relationship Programs - for families, adolescents or educators:

    • Does your child find it hard to get in the zone for learning, playing  or paying attention?
    • Does your child react to situations in  ways that are difficult for you to  understand or manage?
    • Does your child have upsetting feelings or thoughts because of negative past  experiences?
    • Would you like help to make sense of  your child and their needs?

    Our team of clinicians and trainers deliver high quality training and professional development. Developed by our Occupational Therapist and Mental Health Social Worker, these programs include strategies for sensory and emotional regulation. Workshops can be adapted to the needs of individual families and schools. An example of a tailored workshop agenda can be viewed here.

  • Medicare Rebates

    PATCHES Diagnostic services are privately funded and therefore medicare rebates are available. Each diagnostic assessment is different and attracts different rebates. Please see out medicare fact sheet for more information

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